The best smoothie

This is one of my favorite smoothies. Incredibly nutritious and nourishing.
As a standard breakfast or a snack.


The cocktail is incredibly rich in nutrients, as seen in the table at the bottom of the page.
Ideal for breakfast.

Ingredients for 1-3 servings:
1 medium banana
1 or 2 cups of kale (detached leaves from the stems zgurbiałej)
½ avocado
1 peach, nectarine or apricot (can be replaced with ¼ mango, or melon cubes)
3 dates
1 tablespoon buckwheat/millet/oats flakes (I usually choose buckwheat)
2 tsp of ground flaxseed
milk plant to complete (½ – 1 cup)


1.Pour boiling water over dates for a while. Tear the kale from thickened stalk and fiber.
2. Place all the ingredients except the milk in a blender. Add half a cup of milk and start mixing.
3. If necessary, add milk to get the consistency right.

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