Two veg-spots in Cracow

Great veg-spots in Cracow from my just-a-few-hours-trip.
Jaw dropped.

rawbites perfect for a trip, but what about making them at home and sharing the recipe? …;)

Cracow is located very close to my homeland, beacuse I was born in Tarnów, but many weekends
I spent in the capital of Małopolska. I know this place right,
but on this trip I’ve had an opportunity to explore it more by searching vegan places to eat.

tagliatelle z cukinii i białej rzepy, ze szpinakowym pesto i groszkiem zielonym, WieloPole3

courgette tagliatelle white turnips, asparagus with spinach pesto and green beans

Actually, there is a few of them, but in my story just two, which shocked me complety and made feel wanting to come back.

WieloPole3 just around the corner of Poczta główna (Main Post Office) isa restaurant in the basement, which deserves special attention to lavender lemonade and the whole menu.
Just two vegetarian options, the rest is vegan (aprox. 15) and a lot of them is glutenfree.
Including desserts (vanilla ice cream!)

pulpety z kaszy gryczanej z sosem chrzanowo-morelowym, sałatami i marynowanym buraczkiem

buckwheat balls with horseradish-apricot sauce, salad with marinated beetroot

The kitchen is really great, and the only thing it can be accused of is a medium spiced meatballs,
but it’s flavor nuances of each individual eater. The place deserves enormous praise on prices that are really low – for three main courses and a carafe of lemonade – 40 PLN (10 EUR) bill!
It’s really a bargain, because all the dishes get deliciously prepared and presented.
And glasses of lemonade, frosted.

placki ziemniaczane z pieczarkami, rukolą i kiełkami, sosem chrzanowo-morelowym i domowym majonezem słonecznikowym

potato pancakes with mushrooms, sprouts, horderadish-apricot sauce, homemade sunflower mayo

On the way out I pass Momo (vegbar)  and ecoshop „Melasa”, spots well worth a visit too.
My next spot is Hummusija Amamamusi, best hummusbar in Poland.


Kingdom of hummus at its best, but also the classic horseradish, coriander, caraway, tomato, garlic (roasted or bear’s), beetroot, carrot and pumpkin.

Hummusija Amamamusi

Hummusija Amamamusi

We sit face to face with the owners, who make us hummus, we drink some wine,
biting baguette and eating soup (with broad beans, mint and basil)
or we take a slice of bread with a classic and put away on the way to the tram.

For a takeout we got horseradish hummus and vegan, gluten-free cake with chickpea.
Yummy! (with pumpkin seeds and chocolate!)



Vegan Cracow done! It’s time to relax and have a subconscious wait for a slice of horseradish hummus in my own house.

WieloPole3, Wielopole 3, Cracow
Hummusija Amamamusi, Augustiańska 3, Cracow

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