100% Nut butter

No sugar or salt added, no palm oil.
Homemade, simple, the best.


To do a decent butter, only with the same nuts youneed quite powerful high performance blender. The best known is the Vitamix, but with a little practice you can do it with a normal blender (approx. 600-700W).


Peanut butter available in stores in addition to nuts contains mostly the addition of salt and pepper and hydrogenated palm oil – and for what?
The same nut butter also comes out delicious, smooth and delicate.

4 pieces peanuts (can be roasted)
1 piece hazelnuts
1 piece cashew
you can make it for example 4/1/1 cups


1. Put all nuts in a blender. At the beginning of nuts grind into flour, shaking the blender up and down that the contents of loosely bounces.
2. When the nuts start to transform into a thick mass, open the lid of the blender and with plastic large spoon, start to knead the flour all down the walls of the blender not to touch the blades.
(You are doing this at your own risk if, you do not have a blender with an additional  tamper, which is specifically designed not to touch the blades.)
3. When the mass begins to do the oily, mix on the pulsating speed and continue kneading until the butter is smooth.
4. Done! Transfer to a jar, spread over rice waffle with sliced banans!
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